Ms. Details I gotta admit that at first I thought it was gonna be hard to write this post today, but so many “WTF” moments have happened this week, that I digress… here we go…

WTF is wrong with people who spread shit around the internet and they don’t know the real truth… I mean damn… Bill Cosby is alive and well, but two days ago he was dead as a door nail… Research people… research before you forward… #ImJustSayin

Who in the hell decided that Lindsay Lohan getting outta jail was continued news… She’s truly disturbed and only did 14 days of a 90 day sentence… They should have made her ass do the whole entire 90 days, maybe she’d be clean after that… I give her ass 14 days to violate the terms of her release… How much ya’ll wanna bet… #ImJustSayin WTF!

WTF is up with Chad OchoCinco’s new reality show “The Ultimate Catch”… I watch ya show Chad, but I’m a little disappointed at the “black” chicks you got representin us on there… the one chick is mad cool, so I ain’t got nothing bad to say about here, the other 1 is super g-o (fill in the rest of the letters) and the last 1 is not even remotely attractive (she kinda resembles a dude with a weave… #ImJustSayin)… So I’m guessing you just threw them in for a splash of color huh… I get it, we not ya type and you like what you like… it’s okay… You still fine as hell… *whispers call me*… POW…

That’s all i got… It’s all I need… there are so many WTF moments out there I’d be here all night talking about ’em… Add your own in the comments and let’s discuss… #ImJustSayin

*disclaimer: same rules apply, this is my opinion… I’m entitled to it and ain’t afraid to say it… POW!
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