Ms. Details I gotta admit that at first I thought it was gonna be hard to write this post today, but so many “WTF” moments have happened this week, that I digress… here we go…

WTF is wrong with people who spread shit around the internet and they don’t know the real truth… I mean damn… Bill Cosby is alive and well, but two days ago he was dead as a door nail… Research people… research before you forward… #ImJustSayin

Who in the hell decided that Lindsay Lohan getting outta jail was continued news… She’s truly disturbed and only did 14 days of a 90 day sentence… They should have made her ass do the whole entire 90 days, maybe she’d be clean after that… I give her ass 14 days to violate the terms of her release… How much ya’ll wanna bet… #ImJustSayin WTF!

WTF is up with Chad OchoCinco’s new reality show “The Ultimate Catch”… I watch ya show Chad, but I’m a little disappointed at the “black” chicks you got representin us on there… the one chick is mad cool, so I ain’t got nothing bad to say about here, the other 1 is super g-o (fill in the rest of the letters) and the last 1 is not even remotely attractive (she kinda resembles a dude with a weave… #ImJustSayin)… So I’m guessing you just threw them in for a splash of color huh… I get it, we not ya type and you like what you like… it’s okay… You still fine as hell… *whispers call me*… POW…

That’s all i got… It’s all I need… there are so many WTF moments out there I’d be here all night talking about ’em… Add your own in the comments and let’s discuss… #ImJustSayin

*disclaimer: same rules apply, this is my opinion… I’m entitled to it and ain’t afraid to say it… POW!
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One thought on “WTF!?!

  1. Peace … LOVIN YOU! I say WTF all the time… here is another one… what is up with clubs having all the signs of a record release for an A list artist but the artist never shows. WTF!!! I mean they go all out… red velvet rope, huge pictures of the artist, video reel in the club of all the artist videos playing all night, shouting out the artist… YET… NO ARTIST .. real talk just have a hot DJ and a sexy crowd… instead of working so hard FRONTIN…. I’m saying…. WTF! lol just had to share that with you… lol Thanks for keeping it real. I will have to check you moore often… PEACE!

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