Joe Paterno is good in my book. A former defensive coordinator for Penn State, Jerry Sandusky, was charged with child molestation and endangerment. Paterno went to his bosses & reported the events as they were told to him in 2002. Yes, he probably could have done more morally but because of him, police, executive staff & parents got involved . What more could he have done?. He didn’t witness anything. He could only tell police what someone else told him they saw. Even if he went to the proper authorities, he would not have been much more helpful then what he was already due to the fact that he witnessed nothing. The man who witnessed the crime should be buried under gravel for life. He did nothing. He told an old man and that old man went to the authorities. Our prayers go out to the victims of course. Now the facts are, the child was not an athlete, the man accused was not an employee, the incident was not a football related incident. The crime just happened to happen in the sports lockerroom shower. Joe Paterno reported it as soon as he heard. Unfortunately, the people he told were in bed with the accused. Sad but true!!! What could a 75 year old man do @ that point except hope that the authorities he told would handle it from there. If Joe did know more about the crimes and did nothing then God will punish him severly and he should be punished. But if he is found to have done all he could, let’s let this man live the rest of his life in Peace! God Bless the children, the victims and their families. We pray for their comfort and relief.

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